Why Use BDO?


We are the only bank in Thailand focused solely on commercial, corporate and high net worth individuals.

Quality, personal service

We assign a dedicated administrator to each of our clients, ensuring the kind of individual care and responsibility not possible in other institutions.

Conservative risk management & stability

The Bank has limited lending exposure with the majority of assets invested in corporate bonds and 14 interbank markets. BDO also runs a matched-book policy with its deposits.

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Banking & Cash Management

We recognise that portfolios always contain a cash component, particularly during periods between investment decisions. To ensure the most efficient use of our clients’ excess liquidity, we offer cash management solutions on special terms, either as interest-bearing accounts held in USD and foreign currencies (at money-market rates) or as investments in our money-market instruments (Daily Asset Portfolio).

Copyright @ BDO Unibank Limited, 2017
All rights Reserved

Copyright @ BDO Unibank Limited, 2017
All rights Reserved