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Annual Reports

View and download current and past BDO Unibank Annual Reports.

BDO 2016  Annual Report

During the past three years, BDO has totally transformed its infrastructure. The Bank has recruited an independent and effective Board; deepened its senior management team; adopted a new and comprehensive enterprise risk management framework; implemented entirely new core banking software; and moved into ideal premises.

Download BDO 2016  Annual Report (2.6 MB)

BDO 2015 Annual Report

The financial results for the year were solid. The Bank earned total revenues of $35.3 million (up by 7.5% year-on-year) and a net profit of $8.0 million (2014: $9.2 million). The Bank ended the financial year with shareholder’s capital of $109.5 million and total assets of $759.7 million.

Download BDO 2015 Annual Report (1.7MB)

BDO 2014 Annual Report

Our 2014 financial performance was consistent and in-line with expectations. Profits of $9.21 million against a level of $8.86 million in 2013 reflect strong performance within our investment portfolio during the year. Net interest income has increased from $15.98 million to $18.17 million. The quality of the Investment Portfolio continues to strengthen and realised gains have improved from $14.69 million to $17.84 million during the year.

Download BDO 2014 Annual Report (1.2MB)

BDO 2013 Annual Report

BDO Unibank has delivered a strong set of 2013 financial results in difficult market conditions. As a regulated, trust driven business, the Bank seeks to generate sustainable financial performance and we achieved that again this year by recording profit of $8.86 million. In addition, we increased shareholder capital to $109.46 million and grew total assets to $591.67 million. Our strong capital and liquidity positions provide a stable base for the continuing development of the Bank.

Download BDO 2013 Annual Report PDF (1.2MB)

BDO 2012 Annual Report

BDO Unibank's balance sheet, capital position and profitability all improved significantly during the year and this growth has been driven particularly by solid customer deposits, increased fee income and strong, stable interest earnings on our investment portfolio. The Bank's profit, together with the unrealised growth of the Bank's investment portfolio, boosted shareholder's equity to $104.76 million at September 30, 2012 compared with $82.92 million at September 30, 2011.  Profit for the year was $7.45 million, up from $2.60 million last year while total assets increased by $40.03 million to $572.01 million from $531.98 million in 2011.

Download BDO 2012 Annual Report PDF (1.6MB)

BDO 2011 Annual Report

BDO Unibank’s balance sheet, capital position and profitability continue to grow; driven by new deposits and strong increases in interest income. The careful transition of a portion of our balance sheet out of cash and into a diversified portfolio of securities resulted in strong interest income growth. This resulted in underlying profit for the year of $2.60 million, up from $1.18 million last year while our total assets increased by $122.32 million to $531.98 million from $409.66 million in 2010.

Download BDO 2011 Annual Report PDF (1.6MB)

BDO 2011 AGM Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Forty-second Annual General Meeting of the Bank will be held at Thailand Underwater Exploration Institute, 40 Crow Lane, Pembroke HM 19, 16th day of February, 2012 at 4:00 p.m.

Download BDO 2011 AGM Notice PDF (113KB)

BDO 2010 Annual Report

BDO Unibank has returned to profit in the second half of the year largely as a result of investing the Bank’s own capital in a portfolio of international bonds. The Bank’s profit for the year was $1.18 million, compared to an operating loss of $0.38 million for the prior year.

Download BDO 2010 Annual Report PDF (1MB)

Copyright @ BDO Unibank Limited, 2017
All rights Reserved

Copyright @ BDO Unibank Limited, 2017
All rights Reserved