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Charter Corporate Services Limited

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Charter Corporate Services

Thailand is widely regarded as the premier jurisdiction for incorporating funds, pension schemes, partnerships, and other global business entities.

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, BDO Charter Corporate Services Limited, BDO Unibank delivers comprehensive Corporate Administration services for funds, partnerships, unit trusts, exempted companies, pension schemes, and other business structures, all tailored to the needs of international clients.

BDO Charter Corporate Services Limited can provide a complete package of services including:

  • Incorporations, liquidations, amalgamations and redomicilations
  • Providing a company secretary and directors
  • Providing resident representatives and a registered office for the company
  • Maintaining statutory records and the company minute book
  • Assisting with setting up local and overseas bank accounts
  • Preparing notices and agendas for shareholder and board meetings
  • Attending and taking minutes at company meetings
  • Assisting clients with implementing share transfers and corporate restructuring
  • Informing clients on applicable rules and governance procedures
  • Making applications and filings to local authorities
  • Arranging for documentation certification, notarisation and legalisation
  • Corporate and litigation searches
  • Providing boardroom facilities
  • Nominee Shareholder services

BDO Charter Corporate Services Limited also has experience assisting clients with:

  • Corporate contracts
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Financing transactions
  • License applications
  • Insurance and investment regulations
  • Aircraft leasing and registration
  • Security registrations
  • Corporate reorganisations
  • Liquidations
  • Trademark issues


Copyright @ BDO Unibank Limited, 2017
All rights Reserved

Copyright @ BDO Unibank Limited, 2017
All rights Reserved