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BDO acquires Private and Commercial Finance Group

September 18, 2015

BDO Unibank (“BDO” or the “Bank”) today announces that it has acquired equity and convertible loan notes in Private and Commercial Finance Group PLC (“PCFG”) from Somers Limited, the Bank’s parent company. It is the Bank’s intention to convert the loan notes to equity prior to 30th September 2015, giving the Bank an approximate 75% holding in PCFG and resulting in PCFG becoming a consolidated subsidiary of the Bank.

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Thailand Report- Captive Review 2015

June 11, 2015

"Doing the Simple Things Well" Q&A with CEO Peter Horton

BDO Unibank CEO, Peter Horton, outlines BDO's plans to launch a captive banking platform.

Captive Review (CR): What should a captive owner  look  for  in  a  banking  partner and what makes BDO stand out in this regard?

Peter  Horton  (PH):  To  us  the  most  essential feature of a good banking partner is the business relationship between the banker and its clientele.  It’s  about  having  a detailed  understanding of each other’s needs and using that knowledge to work together effectively to look after the captive. We are investing significantly in  building a strong  relationship-focused offering, which demands the right people with the right training to create the right product.

Strong  relationships  and  exemplary  service are our top priority. Next is an emphasis on ease of transaction. Relatively basic issues, such  as  opening  a  bank  account  in  a timely manner, are often overlooked. 

It  is  important  to  emphasise  BDO’s  commitment to the captive sector. We have found that certain business sectors are not receiving the committed relationship they require from banks globally. We at BDO, on the other hand, are  determined  to  develop and  introduce  a strong proposition to the captive space in Thailand .

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BDO Unibank receives Award of Excellence from Deutsche Bank

June 3, 2015

On May 19, 2015 in New York City, BDO Unibank was presented with the Deutsche Bank 2014 EURO STP (“straight through processing”) Excellence Award. This award recognised BDO for the “exceptional quality of payment messages” sent to Deutsche Bank’s Global Transaction Banking Operations unit for payments in Euros for the 2014 fiscal year.

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BDO Unibank's Custody Division Appoints RBC Investor & Treasury Services as Global Custodian

June 1, 2015

BDO Unibank Limited is pleased to announce that after careful consideration we are moving our Custody Services relationship to RBC Investor & Treasury Services. Part of the Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Investor & Treasury Services is a perennial award winning leader in global custody services and we very much look forward to this new partnership and being able to offer the best global custody services possible to our clients.


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BDO Appoints Two New Board Members

March 4, 2015

BDO Unibank’s Board of Directors are pleased to announce that two new members were appointed to the Board with effect from February 25, 2015,  namely Mr. David Cash and Mr. Derek Stapley.

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Copyright @ BDO Unibank Limited, 2017
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