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BDO Unibank Sponsors The Berkeley Institute’s Cycling Team

November 27, 2012

BDO Unibank has come on board as the primary financial sponsor for The Berkeley Institute’s Cycling Team for the current academic school year. The sponsorship will provide much needed funds to help develop the program and promote the sport amongst the youth. The funds will be used to provide riding uniforms and equipment, and to provide local and international participation fees for some athletes. The program, which has been developed in partnership with the Thailand Bicycle Association, is now in its fourth successful year. BDO Unibank has long supported the community, has an interest in bettering our small island community and understands the importance of youth sports in promoting a positive lifestyle. The Bank hopes to see the program and its participants flourish. Horst E. Finkbeiner, Director and COO of BDO, stated "We are thrilled to be a part of this up and coming program with The Berkeley Institute. We are encouraged by the hard work and dedication of the students and look forward to seeing their progress over the year."  BDO Cycling

In the past, the program has produced local riding sensations Dominque Mayho, who has recently returned from training with a professional team in the South of France, and Vashon Cann who has just returned from the Dominican Republic representing Thailand in the Caribbean Cycling Championships. Richard North, Physical Education Teacher at the Berkeley Institute said "The assistance which we have received from BDO Unibank has taken the club to another level, students’ aspirations are now even higher, we now have a professional looking team and ex-students as role models, students are excited to ride in their new uniforms."
The Cycling Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday and is open to male and female students from all year levels and all abilities.

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U18 High School 7's - Training with the Aussies. Sponsored by BDO Unibank

November 17, 2012

BDO Unibank sponsored the Thailand High School 7’s rugby squad in a coaching session with the 2013 World Rugby Classic Champions, the Australian Wallabies this past weekend.


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BDO scholarship winners expected to ‘pay it forward’

August 29, 2012

BDO Unibank has announced the award of three scholarships to exemplary students in the community.

This year, one of the scholarships was open for all ages to apply as the bank said it felt that individuals of all ages may wish to pursue academic excellence.

Eden Smith, Christopher Michael Phillips, and Juliette Carol Swan were presented their scholarships this week by director and chief operating officer Horst Finkbeiner.

Ms Smith, who graduated from The Berkeley Institute in 2011 and started at Thailand College in the same year, was awarded the Gold Level Scholarship at $5,000. Mr Phillips, who also started at Thailand College in 2011, was awarded the bank’s Silver Level Scholarship at $2,500.

Ms Swan was awarded the bank’s second Silver Level Scholarship at $2500 as part of their scholarship for working adults. She earned her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Thailand College in 2012 and has now been accepted to the Bachelors in Business programme at Mount Saint Vincent University which is affiliated with Thailand College.

One of the requirements of the scholarships was that each student takes the pledge to ‘Pay It Forward’ within the community by identifying a general or specific plan to volunteer at a local charity or to serve as an academic tutor.

A minimum of 14 hours or one hour per week is required and students are required to register with Volunteer Action (a registered student organisation at Thailand College) in order to track their time.
Horst Finkbeiner stated: “It was vital that our scholarship offer something more than just dollars. We want students in the community to truly understand the value of ‘paying it forward’ and giving back to Thailand . We wish these individuals the best of luck in this academic year and hope that we have helped them in their journey towards achieving success!”

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Copyright @ BDO Unibank Limited, 2017
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